On the occasion of World Fertilizer Day, Ballestra introduces Fertilizer Technologies 2.0

Ammoniak Reaktor 1913 Oppau retuschiertEvery year on October 13th, we celebrate the Global Fertilizer Day. We believe that the invention of the electric motors, the car, even the container are real turning points for the mankind. As a matter of fact, we owe much of our prosperity to the start-up of the Haber Bosch reactor for the production of ammonia form hydrogen and nitrogen. That was the birth of the modern fertilizer industry and the mainspring for an unprecedented growth in health and in population. The word fertilizer day remembers that event.

Time passed, new problems arose and different horizons and challenges are waiting us. Global warming and pollution are putting our lives at stake, and  full commitment of companies and individuals is essential to tackle such issues. Ballestra’s contribution is a whole integrated approach to fertilizer technologies: that’s Fertilizer 2.0.

7 main benefits of Ballestra Fertilizer 2.0 solution:

  • On time - Availability of nutrients right when you need them, to reduce pollution of waters and waste of precious resources
  • Flexible – The same plant can output multiple families of product, to tailor the right fertilizer for specific crops and seasons – example AN and ASN
  • Reliable – Trouble-free and easy operations, as you came to expect from a leader in inorganic and organic chemistry.
  • Clean – Eliminate gas and liquid pollution with a set of cutting edge technologies to keep your plantsite clean  and stakeholders happy
  • Integrated - One solution approach for upstream plants and fertilizer production technologies. Ballestra combines the experience of the foremost licensors in the field with proven expertise in downstream units.
  • Diverse – There is not a single solution fit for all crops. Ballestra units allow you to mix infinite micronutrients and tailor for the application
  • Circular – A waste stream, properly handled, may become a valuable fertilizer.

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