Ballestra Group has reached an agreement with Buss shareholders for the purchase of Buss ChemTech AG. The closing of the deal has taken place on May 3rd, 2021.

Ballestra Group

Ballestra Group is proud to announce this further enlargement of its technology portfolio through the acquisition of Buss ChemTech AG (“Buss”) by Ballestra Italy.

Logo BussBuss, a company with 135 years of history, is a worldwide leading provider of premium process technologies for several gas-liquid reactions based on the proprietary Jet Loop Reactor technology, which has been widely applied in several specialty chemical applications, including oleo-chemicals applications and non-ionic surfactants production. The technology portfolio of Buss includes as well technologies for the production of halogen-containing base chemicals such as Hydrofluoric Acid, Aluminum Fluoride, Phosgene and derivatives of. Buss has recently developed a novel green technology to valorize the Fluosilicic Acid (FSA) – a significant low-value by-product of the phosphoric acid production - converting it into valuable Hydrofluoric Acid, and eventually to Aluminum Fluoride, avoiding the economic and, sometimes, environmental impact linked to the disposal of such waste.

Joining with Buss, Ballestra will not only increase its applications portfolio in gas-liquid reaction processes, including alkoxylation, hydrogenation and phosgenation, but also complete its offer in the fertilizer business with the conversion of the FSA. Furthermore, Ballestra Group project management, engineering, procurement and field capabilities, will allow Buss to extend the scope of services offering to his clients larger or full scope projects.


Buss, a company with a strong R&D mindset and state of the art pilot plants, will reinforce the Group capabilities to develop innovative solutions to better service its existing client base and extend it beyond its current frontiers.

Buss present management will continue to lead the Company and manage with Ballestra Italy’s team its integration within the Group. The existing team in Switzerland will under the brand name of Buss continue to serve its global customer base with extended possibilities but the same and well-respected quality of services and products.

With this acquisition, the Ballestra Group confirms its undisputed world leadership in developing, engineering and supplying processing plants and proprietary equipment for the Surfactants industry and its fast growing role as first class player in the Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers industries, leveraging on both its process technology know-how and licensing of world-class technologies, as well as the enhancement of its ability to carry out research and development activities, thanks to the integration and synergy with the Ballestra Group R&D centers.

Ballestra benefits from a great worldwide reputation, thanks to over 70 years of unequalled experience, strong R&D commitment and the most extensive customer base in the industry.


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