Immagine2 Ballestra has developed a Heat Recovery System (HRS) suitable to recover a significant amount of heat from the exhaust air leaving the powder detergent spray-drying tower.

The new Unit is fully integrated in the Spray Drying plant and allows to:

  • Pre-heat the drying air stream addressed to the tower
  • Produce a side stream of hot water addressable to other factory users (e.g. to heat storage tanks)

The Heat Recovery System is available for new Detergent Plants as well as to retrofit existing ones and allows reducing the energy demand of the plant (up to 10-12%), that means less fuel consumption, significant reduction of COemissions and pollution, but also lower operating costs of the plant.

In a wide range of working conditions, the additional CapEx is repaid in less than 2 years.

Please contact us for full information and to discuss opportunities for collaboration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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