syndet co extrusionA wide range of dedicated technologies to produce laundry and toilet syndet & combo bars:

  • syndet laundry bars
  • syndet toilet bars
  • combo toilet bars

Syndet laundry bars manufacture requires heavy duty mixers/amalgamators for active matter neutralization and fillers additivation, special roll mills with hardened and ground stainless steel lined cylinders, twin-worm extruders with stainless steel special profile screws. Special design extruders with air incorporation are available for low density laundry bars manufacture.

Syndet and combo toilet soap lines including slurry cooling and hardening chilled rolls, heavy duty amalgamators with extraction worms, special design duplex refiners and duplex vacuum ploders designed for high pressure operations (60-80bar), soap presses equipped with high conductivity alloys for dies, sophisticated temperature and pressure controls and regulating devices are available fro capacities up to 5/6.000 kg/h.