soap finishing linesA new generation of finishing lines to match the demand of manufacturing speeds from 100 to 1.400 bpm for small, medium, high and ultra high production with the best efficiencies.

The market demands to achieve the highest speeds, important energy and space savings, minimal manpower intervention and quickest line’s set ups: thanks to its continuous R&D program supported by a team of 40 engineers, Mazzoni LB offers several innovative solutions to respond to the most sophisticated exigencies for quality soap bars making.

  • High efficiency Batch and Continuous Mixers/Amalgamators
  • New Plodders generation for capacities up to 15 tph
  • “Clean Design” hydraulic roll-mills
  • “Mechatronic” Electronic Cutters in single and duplo configuration
  • New concept soap presses with/without direct transfer system to packaging machines with stamping capacity up to 1.000 bars per minute
  • “MRP” Multi-refining Plodder, a single machine suitable to substitute a roll-mill (or duplex refiner) and a duplex vacuum plodder of a conventional finishing line with consequent energy, space, maintenance savings.