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BALLESTRA, impianti e macchine per tensioattivi, saponi e detergenti 24 December 2022
SULPHONEXT by Ballestra - Italy 05 August 2022 Project - Malaysia 21 January 2022
Desmet Ballestra Group has reached an agreement with Buss shareholders for the purchase of Buss ChemTech AG 03 May 2021
Start-up of a Detergent Powder Production Plant in Thailand 07 April 2021
Start-up of a Detergent Powder and Toilet/Laundry Soap Production Plants in Nigeria 26 February 2021
Skid Mounted Slurry Pumping Solution for the Detergent Industry 09 February 2021
Start-up of a Sulfuric Acid and Oleum Plant in Russia 01 February 2021
Last generation of High Pressure Pumps – STP series 27 January 2021
New Heat Recovery System for Desmet Ballestra Powder Detergents Plants 13 January 2021
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator CFD Study 31 July 2020
New Sulfuric Acid Plant in Emet - Turkey 11 June 2020
Serving Customers through Difficult Times 02 April 2020
Ultra low 1,4–Dioxane Ethoxysulphates Production 17 February 2020
New Sulphonation plant for POWER SOAPS - India 14 January 2020
New contract with the Italian company RE.LE.VI. 22 October 2019
New Surfactant and Soap Factory sold to Nigeria 03 October 2018
Further expansion of Lion Thailand Sulphonation plant capacity 13 September 2018
Conference “Household Chemicals in Russia”   -  Kонференция "Бытовая Химия в России" 08 June 2018
New Sulphuric Acid Plant awarded to Desmet Ballestra 13 February 2018